On-Site Computer Service now offers the ability to backup your sensitive data to our secure servers. If you have a 56K*, ISDN*, Cable Modem, DSL, T1, or higher, then you can backup your data to a secure remote location.

In the event of a system crash, On-Site Computer Service can quickly transfer your data to a CD and have it delivered to your location.  

*There are size limitations due to the speeds of 56K and ISDN access. For more information on this subject, please call us at (732) 774-7181. 

The NovaNet-WEB Client software enables the end users to easily backup and restore their data to a NovaNet-WEB Server anywhere on the network. The client software has a familiar interface which makes it easy to use for all skill levels. A flexible scheduling capability allows users to configure a backup schedule to conduct automatic backups without further user intervention. The Event Manager will alert the user in the event of a failed or missed backup, so "no news is good news!"

If you are going to be rolling NovaNet-WEB out to a large group of users, you can pre-configure file filters, backup selections, schedules and all option before the users install the software. This significantly reduce the user interact and confusion when distributing to a large audience.


Easy to use Explorer-like interface
FastBIT binary incremental backups
Easily restore any version of a file
Works on any TCP/IP network
Customizable backup sets
Automatic Online Upgrades
Supports Dial-Up Networking
Comprehensive backup scheduling
File Selection Filters
Encryption and compression
Right-mouse click and drag-and-drop support
System Tray icon for easy access to important features
Event Manager
E-mail Notification
Customizable Toolbars