Complete Video Surveillance System: Viewpoint 16Ch DVR Server + (4) Sony CCD Color Dome Package
Complete Systems begining at $1495

This complete security package system has all you need to setup a secure home or office. This system includes all the advanced security features. Complete with a 16ch DVR Server and four Sony CCD Dome Cameras.

The kit includes (4) Sony camera which can be expanded to support sixteen cameras. (1) 12V DC power supplies support 9 camera, (4) sixty five foot video/power cables with fittings (modifiable). Easy to operate! Our Viewpoint servers are designed for small retail surveillance applications and offers all the latest software features. The system is packed with advanced features such as remote viewing, multi-camera playback, digital zoom, image controls and much more.


• 120fps Live View Real Time / 30fps each /Resolution : 640 x 480
• 120fps Recording & Playback
• Storage : 250GB 7200rpm HDD 8MB buffer w/ AV rated
• Video compression : MPEG4+ Multi-Display : up to 1 x TV (S-Video) / 1 x TV (RCA) / 1 x Monitor
• Rec. Resolution : 640x480/640x240/320x240 selectable per camera
• Recording Type : Continue, Schedule, Motion (and/or) Sensor, and Continue + Motion (and/or) Sensor recording per camera
• Search Option : Standard search, Quick search, Smart search
• Advance Digital WaterMark Proof
• POS Intergration / Text Insertion available
• Image Enhancement : User can enhance image quality to see more clear
positive image. "Difference between I think, and I know"

Recording & Playback 120 fps live view
Live View Display 120 fps recording
Max # of Cameras 16 Channels
HDD Storage 250GB 7200rpm Hard Disk Drive 8MB buffer AV Rated / Shock-resistant disk drive bay
Audio 4 Channel Audio Recording
Digital Watermarking Digital WaterMark embaded
Smart Search Advance Digital SmartSearch Technology multi-zone, Event Log & bookmark
Recording Resolution Max. up to 640 X 480 recording resolution. Selectable 360x240, 640x240, 640x480
Motion Detection Multi-Zones and Multi-Channels
Recording Type Sequence, Scheduled, Motion, Sensor Recording Pre Alarm/ Post Alarm, Recording by frames
Compression MPEG4 + Compression
Back-up Device 52x CDR-W drive
Remote View Remote view using Client software over internet TCP/IP
POS (Point of Sale) POS Support Ready
Remote View - Internet - Browser Remote view using standard Internet Explorer browser
Remote View - Network Remote view using Client software over LAN or WAN
Special eMap Alert Over IP User can input assigned IP address to trigger eMap with Live image
Dual Display 1 Monitor Out + 1 TV Out display (just like monitor) & with adjustable Interval Camera Auto Switching
Lock Lockable front panel door
Cooling Easy-accessed front changeable air filter with dual front and rear fan
Color Indoor/ Outdoor Dome Type 1/3" CCD image sensor Optical Technology Base 420 Lines Color Horizontal resolution 1 Lux Minimun Illumination

120 fps (frame per second) Brightness, contrast, color and tint adjustable for each camera signal Screen hiding:: can hide one or multiple camera display 1 channel (RCA) for external TV monitor connection.

Recording mode: Scheduled, motion detected; continuous, alarm triggered Recording speed: Max. 120 fps (frame per second) MPEG 4 compression. Approx. 30 days for 120G hard disk space Resolution: 648 x 480, 320 x 240, 160 x 120. Can be adjusted individually for each camera.

Support full screen or split screen playback. Multiple camera views on the screen simultaneously Electronic zoom on playback, Brightness and clarity are adjustable Select playback based on hour, minute and second.

Download complete information in PDF format