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The DVRLX DVR SERVER SERIES is a highly stable and secure Linux-based digital surveillance system that allows you to view up to 16 locations simultaneously. It is designed to capture high quality audio and video images, has an easy-to-use interface, allows real-time remote viewing and has motion-triggered recording. Its cutting edge components are built to ensure reliable protection and monitoring of your home or business. DVR USA Technologies utilizes the latest industry standard (ISO/ITU) video compression technology known as H.264. H.264 use s a fully optimized algorithm based on Digital Signal Processor ( DSP ) technology. Display and recording of video and audio are in real-time and fully synchronized in both modes. Video feeds are directly transmitted from the video capture card to the display frame buffer and the compressed stream data is directly sent to the host's memory. The transmission process doesn't need any intervention from the host computer's CPU, greatly saving resources ...


• Provides superior quality audio and video images.
• User-friendly operation.
• Massive storage capacity with amazing recording.
• Advanced Smart Search Technology allows easy searching of video files by date, time and
• Allows remote viewing anytime, anywhere via the internet, mobile phone or PDA.
• Allows user to view and control cameras individually or all at the same time.
• Highly dependable back-up system.
• High speed viewing, recording and playback.
• Has fast and flawless networking.

Screen ShotsEnjoy more compelling navigation controls with Hawkeye's Dynamic Live View. With Dynamic Live View, you can drag and drop camera views or windows. You can also have both Live View and the E-map screens shown on your screen at the same time. Dynamic Live View also offers Pop-Up screens. Simply click on the blinking red sign (under E-map) and the video of that particular camera (that you had clicked) will pop up.

Never miss a single moment with Hawkeye's Smart A+ H.264 Recording. Playback full-motion video with Smart A+ hardware H.264 recording. A, which stands for Adaptive recording allows you to change video quality, resolution and recording mode (continuous, event-triggered, motion-detected or scheduled). You can experience as low as 1KB per frame CIF!


Provides high quality video and audio
• Allows PTZ control of up to 16 cameras with built-in PTZ port (RS-422)
• Has embedded digital watermark technology, to ensure images are not
• tampered with
• Advanced SmartSearch Technology allows easy searching of video files
• through event logs and bookmarks
• Recording can be sequenced, scheduled, triggered by motion and/or sensors
• Uses MPEG4+ Compression
• Allows remote viewing using either Client Software over internet TCP/IP or • using the standard Internet browser. An internet connection is all that you • need to monitor premises even while you are out of the area
• Even allows remote viewing via a mobile phone or PDA
• Allows user to view cameras individually or all at the same time, and
• playback video is stored in the hard disk
• Instant 3D eMap Alert with Live Image and Event Log display
• Advanced security lock feature to secure your settings
• 52x CD ROM Drive back-up

Use Power PTZ (Pan/Tilt/Zoom) to preset PTZ cameras for group run, pattern tracking or motion tracking. Power PTZ offers several excellent functions listed below:
• Preset, which is the capability to set a single camera movement from one
direction to another, for instance "Pan camera 1 from left to right
• Group run, which is when you can set many cameras to move from one
direction to another, for instance "Pan camera 1 to move from left to
right" and "Zoom 10x camera 1"
• Pattern tracking, which is the function of one single camera following many
presets, which in this case, is what we call a pattern motion or object
• Tracking, which as the name implies, means that using a PTZ camera, you
can track the object or the movement of that which you want to track as it


Spot and fix glitches on your DVR system using our Intelligent Diagnostic Tools. Hawkeye LX offers diagnostic functions for video loss, video quality degradation, HDD warning, network problems, network security, overheating, storage/back up, disk management and a lot more. It's everything you need to know and it's all in Playback. Hawkeye LX offers better playback functions by providing you more information about the video. You can also enjoy up to 10x digital zoom and panoramic playback.

Add intelligent audio into your surveillance system. Hawkeye LX offers sound-activated or audio-triggered recording, allowing you to set the recording sensitivity of audio.

What are the benefits of having a Hawkeye PC-based DVR?

This breakthrough product will offer the following benefits:
high performance and reliability (no system crashes, no slow video speeds, no virus attacks!) first class video compression using a dual-speed full hardwired H.264 encoder that can process a 16 channel DVR 480 CIF video in real-time unrivaled audio bit-rate of 5.3 - 6.3 kbps (G.723 format) to ensure clear and understandable audio crisp and high quality images, allowing full motion video for superior facial recognition smooth real-time playback, optimized bandwidth utilization (lower data rates) multi-level access control for increased management flexibility unmatched stability to ensure continuous recording for hours or days integration with access control systems, energy conservation solutions and storage servers.



Give your guard a break!
Security cameras are a cost-effective means to keep large areas under 24/7 surveillance. Add a BlackHawk DVR Server and you've got an automated system. Of course you can use the powerful optical zoom of your PTZ camera to zoom in on interesting objects while they are on-camera to get the detail you need. But this requires an operator - until now! The BlackHawk designed by the motion experts allows unattended operations to capture close-ups of the action in progress while your not there automatically with our own unique Pattern Tracking PTZ function. It watches the wide-angle video, just like an electronic watchman. When there is detected motion in the field of view, it automatically directs your PTZ camera to zoom in and look at the "activity". In addition the BlackHawk deploys an alarm output to trigger recording, so faces and car licenses are clearly, sharply recorded with your DVR for later review and playback. Your search is over for the state-of-the-art most stable DVR Server.


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