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Matteo - circa 1980's
Cannice and Cser - 1960's
Pile of photos
Got any photo Gems like this at home? Would you like to preserve them digitally forever, or share them online with family and friends?  On-Site Computer Service is now offering professional photo scanning at an affordable price.

Your cherished photos are in danger - danger of fading away, danger of being forgotten, and danger of being lost or damaged in a natural disaster.  Our photo scanning service can save them, safely and affordably:

High 600 dpi resolution allows 2x enlargement.
Safe, guaranteed
Great value: As low as $.15 per photo, up to 8"x10"
Immediate processing available.

How fast do you want your scans?
We can process standard media within a couple of days* and get you a DVD along with your originals back to you within 1 week.  If you'd like them done even faster, just add $.05 per picture. and you'll have them back in 3 business days or less.

Additional Photo DVD Set (per disc)$7.95 / disc
Additional Photo CD Set (per disc) $3.95 / disc
16GB USB Thumb Drive   (per unit) $19.95

Individual image adjustments:
Many images require some correction for the effects of time. Photos on display are particularly subject to fading, and even those hidden away in photo albums are subject to color shifts, both from time and from possible reaction to the photo album itself. For every image we receive, we can perform:

Scratch and dust removal
Color correction
Red-eye removal

Breakdown of Pricing:

0-99 Scans 35  
100-299 Scans 30  
300-499 Scans 25  
500 Scans 22 $110
1000 Scans 20 $200
2000 Scans 18 $360
5000 Scans 16 $800
10000 Scans 15 $1500



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